depletion de‧ple‧tion [dɪˈpliːʆn] noun [uncountable]
when an amount of something is greatly reduced or nearly all used up:

• Many businessmen judged the bank's measures insufficient to prevent the continuing depletion of foreign exchange reserves.

• the depletion of the world's natural resources

proˌvision for deˈpletion ACCOUNTING
when the value of a fixed asset is reduced by a particular amount every year in a company's accounts, so that the value of the asset is recorded as nothing by the time it is totally depleted

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   Depletion is an accounting measure that records the loss of value of a wasting asset, such as mines and gas reserves. In contrast, the reduction of the value of tangible assets is depreciation and the reduction of the value of intangible assets is amortization.
   ► See also Amortization, Depreciation, Assets.

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depletion UK US /dɪˈpliːʃən/ noun [S or U]
a reduction in something, or the act of reducing it: »

Increased expenditure has caused a depletion in capital.


When stock markets crashed the life funds suffered huge depletion of their reserves.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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